Video Poker Advice

Finding The Highest Paying Video Poker Machines

The Video poker machines that probably pay out the most are probably going to be the video poker progressive machines. Video poker progressive machines are usually found in land based casinos, although these days online casinos are also offering progressive games. For those of you not familiar with progressive games, they are basically games that add a certain amount of the money to the jackpot with every bet until the jackpot is hit. when the jackpot is hit, the game will pay out all the money that had been added to the jackpot up to that point.

Progressive video poker machines are usually a big deal in a casino and can be found easily by the large "PROGRESSIVE" sign that typically flashes above them. The reason why they are considered to be the video poker games that can pay out the most is because video poker machines can amass gigantic jackpots. In many casinos, both live and online, progressive video poker games are linked into "banks" of machines. They all feed into one huge jackpot that can literally be millions of dollars. If you're the one person that hits the jackpot on any of the machines, you don't just get the jackpot from that one machine, but you get the money that has been adding up from all the other machines in the bank of progressive machines.

With the possibility of hitting a huge jackpot, it's easy to see why progressives are considered to be the most profitable version of video poker. Above the  simple existence of a huge jackpot, there is actually a strategy of playing a progressive video poker machine that may yield better chances of hitting the jackpot, and it's not a video poker myth. In some cases the chances of hitting the jackpot can be increased by betting extremely low amounts of money over a long period of time. If you play low enough you can stretch out your bank roll and maximize your opportunities for hitting the jackpot. If you have enough money and time, and the jackpot is big enough, you might be able offset the amount of money you spend by winning a giant jackpot.

But a word of warning. This particular tactic for grabbing the jackpot at a progressive video poker game is extremely risky. Very few people have enough time and money to commit to it. So unless you are totally confident you can do it,  don't! You will only lose a lot of money, and miss about 3 days sleep.