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Is It Worth Sticking to Your Video Poker Instincts?

Everyone has instincts, we were born with them and they helped us to survive when we were cavemen living on the savanna. But aside from our survival instincts we also have poker instincts! And in some cases our poker instincts can be more important!

People have poker instincts about all kinds of things, from when to fold, to what players are trying to bluff, to when it is a good idea to bet a bit more money then you have been. In video poker these instincts don't go away, they are there just as strong, accept for the one about knowing who's bluffing of course. So when it comes to the question of whether or not to listen to you instincts in video poker, we would have to say that it is, in general a good idea. It is true that sometimes people get themselves into trouble listening to their instincts, but for the most part your instincts are usually telling you something for a reason. Chances are your instincts are sensing things about the video poker game that you are not aware of, or maybe you have learned things in the past from playing video poker that you might not readily recall, but your instincts remember none the less.

The bottom line is that people with good instincts tend to be successful, whether it's video poker, live poker, or investing. So don't be afraid to trust in your instincts. Just don't rely on them. If your instincts are telling you one thing but all the evidence is pointing to something else, it's probably a good idea to listen to your senses. Of course the ideal situation is when you can listen to both your senses and your instincts, but hey, not everyone is perfect and it's impossible to win all the time.

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