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What Are Your Video Poker Odds?

It's the first question that everyone wants to know when they start playing a casino game; what are my odds of winning? Well if you were to look at live poker you'd find that the odds of winning are, in fact, a little difficult to calculate. For instance, the odds of getting a royal flush in your first hand are 649740 to 1. But that doesn't so much tell you your chances of winning, because there are many other factors in live poker that come to dictate whether or not those cards will actually "make" you a winner, like money management. But in video poker things are not as complicated. For instance, when you play video poker you can be assured that your actual chances of getting a Royal Flush and winning the prize money that goes with it are 649740 to 1. That's a hard fact that you can rely on each time you play. One of the big video poker myths is that video poker uses more decks than a single standard 52 card deck. This is not true. Video poker machines deliver exactly the same odds of a physical 52 card deck. that makes video poker a consistent and reliable way of learning how to play poker, and if you want to increase your chances of winning, you should read the strategies and more strategies sections.    

Below are the exact odds of making each hand in a standard game of straight video poker.

A royal flush, (straight flush from Ace to Ten) the chance of making a royal in five cards is 1 in 649,740. For a straight flush (a run of five cards all in the same suit 7,8,9,10,J all hearts) the chances are 1 in 72,000. For a 4 of a kind, the chances are 1 in 4,000. A full house is 1 in 700. A flush, with all five cards of the same suit only turns up every 1 in 500 cards. A straight, a run of cards in a row turn up 1 in 256. And finally you'll get a three of a kind 2% of the time, two pair 5% of the time, and one pair 42 percent of the time.  For more information on Video poker and other gaming odds check out our links page.