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More About Video Poker Strategy

Below are a few guidelines for how to use the action tables in the previous strategies section as well as a few simple rules for getting the most out of your video poker strategy.

The Video poker action tables the Video Poker Advisor supplies are not difficult to use. The first step is to find your hand from the list on the right then either keep or discard your cards according to the chart. Here is an example of how you would play a hand in JACKS OR BETTER 9/6 STRATEGY .

2* 7* 9* J* J*

The proper move to make in this case is not to to play it as  a four-card flush, but instead, as a high pair.  The reason for this is because a pair is higher on the list.

3* 4* 5* 6* 6*

Instead of playing this hand as a four card straight, it is best to play it as a low pair. You should also hold low pairs instead of a three-card straight flush, as well as any single card.

A* K* Q* J* 10*

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when moving from live poker to video poker is assuming that the games will be played essentially the same way. The fact is that there are many differences in the two games and this is a perfect example of one. Unlike live poker where you may have a great hand and have great chances of winning, the same is not true for video poker. In video poker, even if you have a good hand you'll quickly toss it out the window for the chance of getting the best card possible, a royal flush!

3* 3* K* 6* 9*

Sometimes players coming from the live poker arena will feel compelled to keep a single high card, as many players are taught that you should always at least keep your highest card. You don't want to do this in video poker, unless it's the only card you hold. If you do otherwise you could seriously decrease the chances of getting a better hand.

7* 8* 10* J* Q*

One of the most precarious moves in video poker is drawing to an inside straight. Only in rare circumstances is it a good idea to do this, namely, If your only other possible move is to hold high cards then keep those cards and draw to the straight. When it comes to straights, if you don't have high cards then dump it in Jacks or Better 9/6 and play it in Double Bonus and Joker Poker.

2* 7* K* Q* J*

Alright, you COULD play this as a flush, but by now you should be getting the hang of the way video poker is played. The fact is, it's way better to go for the best there is and aim for the royal flush. Remember, the amount of money you win at video poker is directly linked to the hands you draw. The better your hands the more money you'll make, as simple as that.

8* 3* 6* 10* 2*

In this case it's always better to go for the flush. If you're playing Jacks or Better your best bet is to draw five cards. If you're playing Double Bonus and Joker Poker, your best bet is to go for the flush. Here's why:  You'll get more for your flush in Double Bonus, where as in Joker Poker, you might find a joker being injected.